You have Only one Pair of Eyes – Do You Have them Healthy?

Wholesome dieting is really important for your eyesight. Vitamin A is the main key to solving many eye problems. You are going to know that you don’t get enough vitamin A, read more ( in case you feel that the night vision of yours is getting worse. You are able to get beta carotene (your body converts beta carotene into vitamin A) with orange and yellow vegetables and fruits (apricots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini and green veggies and carrots) (cabbage and spinach).

Glaucoma is caused by increased eye pressure and is connected with insufficient thiamine as well as vitamin A. It’s an extremely common disease in people much older than 40. See the physician of yours in case you encounter not clear vision, night blindness and in case you go to a rainbow around light that is dazzling. Try dieting as well as home remedies only as an add-on to treatments prescribed by your physician. You are able to find thiamine with meat, chicken, nuts, peas and cereal. Other sources of vitamin A are eggs as well as poultry.

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. It might be a direct result of the oxidation process in the lens of the eye. Increase the volume of vitamin C you acquire with food. Also riboflavin is going to help with cataracts. You can obtain it with milk, whole grains as well as yeast.

People who suffer diabetes can add an edema of the retina which is a reason for losing eyesight in some cases. Vitamin C will help protect your eyes in this situation.

You can get redness and sharp pain in your eyes, if you do not get enough B vitamins.

What food is good for the eyes of yours?

Spinach has vitamins B1, carotene, proteins, E, K, PP, P, C, B2, and amino acids. Consuming 3 oz of spinach 1 day keeps the dystrophy of the eye retina. Eat it fresh or steamed with coconut oil or sour cream.

Blueberries have vitamins A, B and C, copper, iron, cobalt and manganese. Eating 3 4 oz of blueberries one day improves blood circulation in the eye retina, increases the sharpness of the vision of yours and also prevents cataract of the eye and glaucoma. It can also help to prevent hemorrhoids, cardiovascular diseases, cancer as well as stomach ulcers.

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