Covid Recovery Certificate

Have you tested positive for Covid within the last 6 months, but you have fully recovered? To avoid a positive PCR test, many countries will now accept a Covid Recovery Certificate as a way of meeting entry requirements. Complete our patient assessment form and our doctors will assess you for a certificate of recovery from Covid-19.

Proof of Recovery from Covid-19 – designed to meet the entry requirements for travel to many destinations including the USA, Australia, and the EU. However it is always advised to check the requirements before you travel: Entry Requirements.

How the Test Works:

Upload Proof of Positive Test

  • Complete the assessment form
  • Upload your Test Certificate or NHS notification email
  • Photos of test kits or cassettes are not valid.

Doctor's Review

GP reviews the information submitted including evidence of positive PCR or Lateral Flow test submitted. No appointment required.

Get Your Certificate

If all requirements are met, we will email your Covid Recovery Certificate to you.

Countries accepting Covid Recovery Certificates:

The following destinations currently accept Covid Recovery Certificates. Check out the current entry requirements for the country you are travelling to before making a purchase. List checked and updated 22/03/2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The COVID–19 Recovery Certificate is a document which states that you have had Covid-19 and have recovered and therefore assumed to have developed a natural immunity to the virus. They can be used to travel provided your destination accepts recovery certificates.

Once you have submitted your proof of a positive Covid-19 test and demonstrate that you have recovered from the virus, a member of our medical team will review your submission details. Submission format – PDFs, photo images or screenshot of your positive Covid-19 certificate can be uploaded at the end of the application. If the documents submitted are correct, we’ll approve your application and issue you a certificate.

The most common uses are for travel, attending large events and going back to work having recovered from the virus.

You can have a COVID – 19 Recovery Certificate between 11 and 180 days after a positive test result. Your certificate will not be valid beyond 180 days from the date of your last positive COVID – 19 test result. For instance, if you are travelling to a country that accepts COVID-19 recovery for up to 90 days, your certificate may be valid for you to travel to that country as long as you are travelling within 90 days of testing positive, and the same condition apply to a country that accepts COVID-19 recovery for up to 180 days.

Yes, this is what the Covid -19 Recovery Certificate is about.

You may test positive for COVID-19 months after you have recovered from the covid. If you have recovered and are still testing positive for Coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, a medical evaluation can assess if you have recovered and are no longer at risk of infecting others. This can be completed 100% online, via our assessment form.

Yes. Anyone over 5 years who has evidence of a Covid-19 test result between 11 and 180 days and has recovered.

Our team will review your submission and send you certificate via email on the same day. Our working hours, 9am to 8pm GMT – 7 days a week.

Yes, QR codes are embedded on all our certificates. The QR code contains your patient information from your Covid Recovery Certificate. Please note this is not an EU Covid Pass QR code and is not readable by EU Digital Covid Pass Readers.

We can give you a full refund, if our assessment of your information against our standard requirements shows you are not eligible for a certificate.

We will also give you a full refund, if your recovery certificate was not accepted by the airlines or the authorities of a country you are travelling to, reject your certificate but we will request evidence of the rejection before refunding.

It is your responsibility to check the latest guidelines set out by your airline, destination, border control, venue etc. to ensure a COVID-19 Recovery Certificate complies with their requirements before ordering. We cannot give you your money back if you have not reviewed the guidance of the airline travelling with, or the country you’re travelling to, and your certificate is refused because of this. This is why we strongly recommend that you check the guidance before purchasing a certificate.

Yes, you can travel to Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands or other countries in the EU including the USA, Australia with a Covid Recovery Certificate. We strongly advise all travellers to check the EU travel guidelines before ordering as not all EU countries have the same entry rules.

You can check the latest official guidance on the rules when travelling to the UK on the Government’s website.

Yes, this is one of the most common use cases for Covid Recovery certificate. We have hundreds of patients that have travelled to the USA with our Covid Recovery Certificates. COVID-19 Recovery Certificates are valid in the USA for up to 90 days since your first positive Covid-19 test result. As entry requirements change regularly, we strongly advise all travellers to check the US Government website before purchasing.

If you have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 30 days before your scheduled flight you do not have to undertake further COVID-19 testing before departure if you are able to provide  a certificate from your medical practitioner at check-in which includes ALL the information detailed below. Where possible the certificate should be written in English, or be supported with a certified translation.

Your certificate must clearly include:

  • the day the certificate is provided (must be within 30 days of the flight)
  • a statement to the effect that the person has had the coronavirus known as COVID‑19 but is now recovered and is not considered to be infectious
  • the day when there was first a positive result of an accepted COVID-19 test for the coronavirus known as COVID-19 for the person
  • a statement to the effect that, on the day the certificate is provided:
    • it has been at least 7 days since there was a first positive result of an accepted COVID-19 test and
    • if the person had symptoms of COVID‑19 – the person has not had a fever, or respiratory symptoms of the COVID‑19, in the last 72 hours.

For more information, visit Australian Government, Department of Health website below

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