Foods that help strengthen muscles For patients who require feeding through a tube

Many people have heard of or know about feeding through a tube. which is a method of feeding patients or the elderly who are unable to eat normally, such as patients who have problems with the process of swallowing or patients with neck injuries inability to swallow food In order to prevent the patient from developing malnutrition or complications. Due to inadequate nutrition for the body’s needs, tube feeding, therefore, latex feeding in patients who cannot eat oral food. But the body can still digest and absorb food normally. therefore important Because if the patient has complications that may cause adverse effects on the body in other areas Most of the patients who need to be fed through a tube. There will be problems in the matter of nutrients. Some people may receive nutrients not only which affects overall health some patients requiring tube feeding unable to help himself or in bed This group of patients may have muscle problems. because the body is not moving This will result in muscle atrophy. because the body has not moved for a long time It may be more common in bedridden patients. Today on SN Blended Foods, let’s talk about foods that can help patients with tube feeding and mobility difficulties. can have strong muscles It is well known that food for tuberculosis patients It must be a regulated diet from a nutritionist who specializes in patient nutrition. Because the diet of patients requiring tube feeding has to be checked for many factors. In order to prevent problems while feeding through the tube whether the viscosity of food The nutrients that the patient should receive or even raw materials to be used for cooking Called that every step must take into account safety and cleanliness. so that patients receive quality nutrition such as food for patients of the SN food blender We go through the cooking process that is clean, standardized, and safe. So you can be confident that the SN blended food will definitely be of high quality delivered directly to the patient.

For food that will help in terms of muscle. For patients requiring tube feeding or bedridden patients Eating healthy food is very important to patients. Because food can affect illness. The patient receiving enough nutrients to meet the needs of the body or receive nutrients that are suitable for the body. will make the symptoms better or help make the body strong Through food blended with SN, we will talk about foods that help strengthen muscles. The food that can be eaten easily is eggs, especially egg whites. Because the egg white contains protein, which is the structure of the muscles. It also contains amino acids that the body needs. by these nutrients It is essential for recovery and building muscle. It also contains important minerals like calcium, zinc and iron. It is also equally useful. Because it is a source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and many B vitamins such as vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and folic acid, which such nutrients They are all necessary to turn fat into energy. It helps to strengthen the patient’s ability to move the body well. Next up is healthy food like chicken breast.

Chicken breasts are considered to be the ultimate source of lean protein. which helps repair muscle tissue and other cells damaged It also contains other nutrients. Necessary for building muscles such as niacin, vitamin B6, iron, selenium, zinc that are beneficial to our muscles. and most importantly, chicken breast It can also be used as a raw material to be used as a blended food for patients who need tube feeding as well as ever.

Next is milk, which is one of the foods that help build muscle as well. Because it contains high quality protein such as whey casein, milk is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and good carbohydrates. and the fat that the body needs to build muscle Moreover Milk also helps replenish nutrients lost in sweat. While exercising and staying hydrated, you should also limit your milk intake to a healthy level. All of these are foods that will help strengthen the muscles. It can also be used as a raw material for making blended dishes. To provide for patients who need to feed through the tube as well. For patients who require feeding through a tube Still need to consult a nutritionist who has expertise first. Since the matter of raw materials various nutrients To provide patients with complete and adequate nutrition to meet the needs of the body. Prevent the occurrence of various complications as well.

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