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AS4252 GMS-AS – GMS AS4253 RWJNET – Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital AS4254 PICA-ISAN – DoD Network Information Center AS4255 BAIN – Bain And Company AS4256 INTERGATE-GW – Intergate, Inc. AS4257 CYBERCASH-AS – CyberCash, Inc. AS4258 WOLFENET – Wolfenet AS4259 IOCOM – IOCOM, LTD AS4260 DCCI-AS – DC Communications, Inc. AS4261 BLUEGRASSNET – Intermart Inc. AS4262 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4263 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4264 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4265 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4266 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4267 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4268 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4269 CERNET-ASN-BLOCK – California Education and Research Federation Network AS4270 Red de Interconexion Universitaria AS4271 WORX – Networx AS4272 MDN – Metropolitan Data Networks AS4273 JSC-Net-ASN – Dod Joint Spectrum Center AS4274 ERX-AU-Net Assumption University AS4275 CLIPPER – ACC Data Systems AS4276 INCH – The Internet Channel AS4277 SEMBLER-STPETE – The Sembler Company AS4278 IADFW – Internet America, Inc. AS4279 INTERSOURCE – INTERSOURCE AS4281 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4282 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4283 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4284 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4285 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4286 MCI-World – MCI Telecommunications Inc. AS4287 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4288 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4289 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4290 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4291 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4292 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4293 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4294 SAVVIS – Savvis AS4295 Concert-AUSTRALIA Concert Australia – No for a longer period in lively use

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AS27590 HMSRACING – Hendrick Motorsports AS27591 LIFENET – Lifenet AS27592 MSICONNECT – Management Systems International AS27593 POWERINFONET – Power Information Network AS27594 UTSA – University of Texas at San Antonio AS27595 INTERCAGE – InterCage, Inc. AS27596 REDWIRE – VoloNet Technologies, Inc AS27597 SITESERVER-IDC1 – Siteserver Hosting, Inc. AS27598 Internet-Solutions-MI-Network AS27599 CMA-ASN – The Christian and Missionary Alliance AS27600 ASVHC1 – Arlington Hospital AS27601 NETALLIANT-Technologies – NetAlliant Technologies, LLC AS27603 SPIRITAIR – Spirit Airlines, Inc. AS27604 PNEUM-INTERNET1 – Pneumatek, Inc. AS27605 SUSQTECH – Technology Solution Partners, Inc. AS27606 RUNZNET – RUNZHEIMER International AS27607 TKLAW-HOUSTON – Thompson and Knight L.L.P. AS26786 RDMANAGEMENTCORP – RDMANAGEMENT AS26787 NORTHWESTERN-MUTUAL – Northwestern Mutual AS26788 ENERSOURCE-TELECOM – Enersource Telecom Inc. AS26789 USERSONLNET – Users, INC AS26790 ACI – Aurora Cable Internet AS26791 EVERG-OH-ASN – Evergreen Assurance, Inc. AS26792 CSSNW – CSS Integration, Inc. AS26793 ICS-LLC – ICS Advanced Technologies AS26794 DCN-AS – Dakota Carrier Network AS26795 BOWNE – Bowne & Co. AS26796 Group-1-Software – Group one Software, Inc. AS26798 SOUTH-EAST-ATLANTIC-Tap – University of Miami AS26799 DKR – DKR Capital AS26800 Technology-Review – Technology Review, INC. AS26801 ZITOMEDIA611 – Zito Media, L.P

AS27293 BANKOFCANADA – The Bank of Canada AS27295 AS-FMER – First Marblehead Education Resources AS27296 GPOC – Great Plains a person Call AS27297 PGTECHNOLOGY – PG Technology, INC. AS27298 CLARITAS – Claritas, Inc. AS27299 CIRA – CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet AS27300 PFA1000 – Phones For All, Inc. AS27302 Public-Clothing-Company-INC – Public Clothing Company , Inc AS27303 IONSKY – IONSKY, Inc. AS27304 DUHAWKS – Loras College AS27305 IAVI – International AIDS Vaccine Initiative AS27306 ECAST-AS – Ecast Corporation AS27307 NABORS – Nabors Corporate Services, Inc. AS27308 CWRLD – Computerworld Publishing Inc. AS27309 TCC – The Computer Company, Inc. AS27310 IAS-Film-Corporation – IAS Film Corporation AS27311 BIOGEN – Biogen Inc. AS27312 CARSWELL – Carswell, a division of Thomson Canada Ltd AS27316 EICCD – Eastern Iowa Community College District AS27317 SNRZ1 – Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. AS27318 ISC-LAX1 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US AS27319 ISC-LGA1 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc., New York, NY, US AS27320 ISC-ROM1 ISC, Rome, Italy AS27321 ISC-SJC1 ISC, San Jose, Usa AS27322 ISC-JNB1 ISC, Johannesburg, S. Africa AS27323 WORLDLINK – Worldlink, Inc. AS27324 CBC-ASN – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation AS27325 CORENAP-AS – Core NAP, L.P

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