Reveals 3 formulas, blended food for tuberculosis patients full benefit

I must say that there are many patients. to be fed through a tube Because the patient is unable to eat normally by mouth. But the various digestive systems, including the absorption of nutrients, are still functioning normally. This may be caused by various reasons such as the patient’s insensitivity. the patient is exhausted Gastrointestinal surgery The patient has difficulty swallowing. If the patient is still recuperating at the hospital, it will be easier because there will be a specialist doctor to take care of the food. and how to feed Which has to be said that the cost is very high each day. Therefore, many patients need to return to recuperate at home. with relatives as caregivers

which is very important for caregivers is must learn how to prepare and feeding patients via tube including how to cook for patients to get complete nutrients and nutritious for the patient to return to good health

Today on the side of SN Foods, a company that provides various support services in hospitals with international standards Food work in leading hospitals under world-class standards are aware and concerned about the safety of patients Therefore, it is difficult to mix and match recipes. So that caregivers can try to do it themselves easily. but very useful It is divided into 3 formulas as follows:

Milk based formula

For this first recipe The main components are milk, including dairy products. and combined with other ingredients such as sugar, vegetable oil, eggs to add nutrients to the patient to receive in its entirety by the proportion of raw materials used Must depend on energy and nutrients prescribed by a medical professional

Usually, a professional dietitian Will be able to modify recipes as appropriate. And it must be said that formula milk formula is a recipe that is known to be easy to prepare, takes less time, but is more suitable for young patients than adult patients. Because in this recipe there is mainly milk. This can often cause diarrhea in adults who haven’t had milk for a long time. Or some adult patients may not have lactose in their digestive juices.

– mixed milk recipes

30 grams of powdered milk

40 g skim milk

200 g of chicken eggs

100 grams of sugar

Add boiled water to 1,000 ml.

– Food value obtained from mixed milk formula

Protein 37-50 g 15-20% kcal.

Fat 37-50 g. 30-35% kcal.

Carbohydrates 33-39 g 50-60% kcal.

blended food recipes

I must say that this recipe is very popular. Because there are complete nutrients Contains nutrients in all 5 groups due to the use of complete raw materials Which usually consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, including fat, by allowing them to be cooked first. and then gradually blended together

When blending, use a thin white cloth to filter out the finer parts. so that food can flow through the hose without clogging. By the side of the nutrients that the medical specialist will be assigned to each patient.

This blended food recipe is suitable for adults. and patients who are allergic to cow’s milk This recipe is not difficult. It can be adjusted according to the materials obtained by the person who prepared it. However, what must be considered is The nutritional value of all five food groups, especially carbohydrates, proteins and fats, is recommended for the following components:

– blended recipes

100 g of pumpkin

100 g ripe bananas

100 grams of sugar

350 grams of chicken eggs

Add boiled water to 1,000 ml.

– Food value obtained from blended recipes

Protein 37-50 g 15-20% kcal.

Fat 33-39 g. 30-35% kcal.

Carbohydrates 135-150 g 50-60% kcal.

formula for success

For this recipe, I can tell you that it’s one of the most popular. because it’s comfortable Some of these foods are produced in powder form. It is a ready-to-use liquid food according to each manufacturer. Most of them come from the food manufacturing industry. But not every factory will produce a suitable product according to the needs.

Therefore, we would like to recommend the side of SN Foods that we have always emphasized that we are a company that provides support services in hospitals with international standards. Food work in leading hospitals under world-class standards

There are many recipes for this instant blender recipe. As appropriate, it will be freshly made and delivered directly to you. The dosages required by the patient’s body are analyzed by a qualified dietitian. There are many recipes according to your needs.

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