rubber food, blended liquid food For patients, it is standardized and safe

5 macronutrients, which takes into account the nutritional benefits as the main. for patients receiving these nutrients have complete main nutrients and is the most beneficial to the body

, the production process is clean and safe for patients. It is produced in a clean room to maintain the cleanliness of food and when these nutrients has entered the patient’s body and อาหารทางสายยาง is guaranteed to be as safe as possible

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Raw materials for production that are clean and have complete nutrients in 5 groups!

in the production of mixed food The first thing to keep in mind is that cleanliness and nutrients that the patient will receive which we must consider safety as the main and must check the patient’s food allergy history If the patient receives food that is not suitable for the body, it may cause harm to the patient.

However, the food production There is a standardized production process. regulated by nutritionists that calculates the proportion of food that the patient will receive per meal each day

It also produces a complete 5 food groups, which are essential substances for the body. and is complete for patients And blended to a resolution for patients to consume easily and harmlessly and also safe.

hose recipe SN’s blended food that is complete in nutrients!

Blended food that is used for patients who are unable to swallow food on their own. Used by the hospital for patients who need to eat soft food. and or patients requiring tube feeding by SN formulated to provide nutrients

The formula of each hospital is different. which formulated the formula for the patient However, the benefits must be taken into account. and nutritional value which we have invented a formula that makes it easier for patients to eat

In addition, the proportions and quantities of raw materials are set the same every time. And the highlight of our way is that the blended food can last for 24 hours without the use of preservatives that are harmful to patients.

production process Under the control of a professional nutritionist!

Blended food that the patient will eat that In the production process, a nutritionist is required to take care of the proportions and wait for the doctor’s order that the food that is produced What type of patient food is it? Each disease has a different formula.

Because each type of patient The food will be different. Some things must be avoided and cannot be eaten. Therefore, it is necessary to have a nutritionist to control every step of the cooking process. SN has a nutritionist to control it as well.

In order to get clean and cheap food for the type of patient, SN also produces blended food in the hospital’s clean room. to ensure that The food that the patient will receive Really clean and up to standard

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