Why Punnyfuzzles Stands Out as a Premium Among Esl Word Games?

Esl word games stand for English as a second language word games.

Such games are very useful to develop vocabulary of kindergarten students or increase brain cells in degenerative disease patients alike. Playing games is a powerful instructional tool. Children love to play and learn at the same time: in fact, it is like killing two birds with one stone!

PunnyFuzzle is one such gaming app that stands out from the rest of its kind due to a number of reasons.

Let's see some shall we:

  • Through PunnyFuzzle children learn Skills: Cognitive, acoustic, visual, heuristic, you name it!

    Also, other qualities that develop are critical thinking, creativity, teamwork and acceptance. Children learn to handle rejection (of all forms) like a boss! This application guarantees to stimulate all the necessary grey cells in children.

  • Engaging: It is an irony in the sense that children are very averse to formal education but are very open to all forms of learning in general.

    Esl word games facilitate education in an informal way, and with the kids willing consent that leads to miraculous results! When education is made fun then children are more open to engage actively and participate in the activity.

  • Helping Patients Get their Life Back: PunnyFuzzle has a unique ability apart from all other word games to not only help children but to be a useful commodity for patients suffering from neurological and degenerative diseases.

    Thus, we pride ourselves as being partial to the geriatric department!

  • Helping create Good World Citizens: Research is being done that conclusively shows the correlation between playing activities as children and living an overall successful life. PunnyFuzzle is among those unique esl word games that, research has backed to help build successful lives of people!

    Those children who do not play board games are more associated with violence, crime, homicides or degenerative neurological symptoms later on MEU in Words life.

  • Brain Stimulant: Our brain is like a muscle which likes stimulation. Hence if it is not exercised and used regularly, then it certainly atrophies!

    There is lots of research to back up the theory that word games cause rebirth of even atrophied and dead brain cells! This is fantastic news for all age groups!

As everyone can clearly see, PunnyFuzzle is a global application suitable for all age groups.We can classify it as a word game in a class by itself!

Douglas Kritzik had noticed a vacuum for dementia games in the mobile games market . He discovered the possibility of developing a game based on the concept of spoonerism with help of images and supported text. This introduced Punny Fuzzle in the market within few months.

It is a unique mobile game, which is engaging and enlightening a person at the same time. Play , problem solving game and improve your thinking power.

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